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Canadian artist Cora Brittan

I was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario into a family of prospectors, farmers, and miners. Since I can remember, I have always loved drawing and painting. I studied calligraphy and art in England, but didn't really get started as a professional painter until after my four daughters were grown.


My work is inspired by my love of travel, exploration, and the beautiful and mysterious world we live in. I am compelled to capture those fleeting moments of illumination, wonder, and interconnection. 

I divide my time between Hamilton, Ontario and a small village in Mexico where my husband and I share an art studio.  Explore more of our work and collaborations here.

Recent Exhibitions 

2022 - The Bigger Picture: Art in Hamilton 1950-2000 (Art Gallery of Hamilton)

2022 - Ternion Wonders (Earls Court Gallery)

2020 - In the Space Between (Carnegie Gallery)

2019 - Looking In Between (Abbozzo Gallery)

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